Academic publications

  • Aversa, P., Haefliger S., Reza, D. 2017. Building a Winning Business Model Portfolio. MIT Sloan Management Review. 58(4): 49-54. Also Available online:
  • Aversa, P. & Berinato, S. 2017. Sometimes, less innovation is better. Harvard Business Review, May-June, 95(3): 38-39. F1703B-PDF-ENG – also available online. – Or in the Spanish version gl/XykwGk 
  • Marino, A., Aversa, P., Mesquita, L., & Anand, J. 2015. Driving Performance via Exploration in Changing Environments. Evidence from Formula One Racing.* Organization Science 26(4): 1079-1100.
    Accepted for peer-reviewed conferences: SMS 2013; AOM 2013, 2014; EGOS, 2013.
    *Winner 1st Prize SIIE-EBS Best-Paper-Award “Innovation Management” 2015.
    Top 10 most downloaded papers in Organization Science 2015-16-17
  • Aversa P, Furnari S, Haefliger S. 2015. Business model configurations and performance: A qualitative comparative analysis in Formula One racing, 2005–2013. Industrial and Corporate Change 24(3): 655-676*.
    Accepted for peer-reviewed conference: AOM 2014-15; SMS 2014; EGOS 2014, THIS 2014, International QCA Expert Workshop Zurich 2014.
    *Selected for the ICC Editor’s Choice 2015-16-17
    Top 10 most downloaded papers in Industrial and Corporate Change 2015-16-17
  • Aversa, P., Haefliger, S., Rossi, A., & Baden-Fuller, C. 2015. From Business Model to Business Modeling: Modularity and Manipulation. Advances in Strategic Management 33: 135-185.
    Accepted for peer-reviewed conference: CASS 2014, SMS Chile 2015, EGOS 2015.
  • Aversa, P. & Haefliger, S. 2015. A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Business Model Configurations and Performance in Formula 1. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Aversa, P. 2015. Strategic Peripheries. In D. J. Teece & M. Augier (Eds.), Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management. London: Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke.
  • Aversa P. 2013. Toward a Peripheral View of Manufacturing Networks (book). Lap Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • Jenkins M., Aversa P. (2013), For and Against – The relentless push for innovation in Formula 1 has a negative effect on the technology‘, Engineering & Technology, 8(6), p.26-27
  • Aversa P, Ihrig M. 2012. Investigating Absorptive Capacity Strategies via Simulation, Proceedings of the 26th European Conference on Modeling and Simulation (ECMS): 64-70: Koblenz, Germany. [ISBN: 978-0-9564944-4-3].
  • Aversa, P. 2008. La Community Ducati. in Vecchiato G. Manuale Operativo di Relazioni Pubbliche, Franco Angeli.


Main Non-academic publications

  • Aversa, P. 2017 End of the Ecclestone era gives F1 hope of a turbo-charged future. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2016. F1 champ Rosberg swaps winning for retirement but it shouldn’t be a shock. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2016. Formula One’s women problem is bad for business. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2015. An Alfa Romeo return to Formula 1 would put Ferrari in pole position. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2015. How Hollywood saved a futuristic car from obscurity. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2015. Game of Thrones pirates offer a useful lesson in TV money making. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2015. How to save Formula 1 without overhauling the business model. The Conversation (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2015. Stampa 3D? Se funziona, va lasciata. Ragionando di MakieLab. Corriere della Sera – Corriere Innovazione (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2015. Quattro riflessioni sullo “strano” caso dei Google Glass. Corriere della Sera – Corriere Innovazione Online (web).
  • Aversa, P. 2014. Case Study. Dallara Automobili: Knowledge Company. Financial Times: (Also available in the FT website).
  • Aversa, P. 2014. Dallara, il coraggio di investire in tempo di crisi,
  • Aversa, P. 2014. Sport a parte: Perchè l’Italia dovrebbe occuparsi di più del business del motorsport. Il Corriere Della Sera (online).
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Case Study. Commoditised Market Innovation. Financial Times: 14. (Also available in the FT website).
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Case Study. New Opportunities in Times of Crisis. Financial Times: (Also available in the FT website).
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Case Study. Innovation Needs Supplier Support. Financial Times: 12. (Also available in the FT website).
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Case Study. Engaging with a Company’s Users. Financial Times: 16. (Also available in the FT website).
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Case Study. Innovation in a Competitive Sector, Financial Times: 16. (Also available in the FT website).
  • Aversa P. 2013. The Relentless Push for Innovation in Formula 1 has a Negative Effect on the Technology. Engineering and Technology Magazine.
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Pionieri del web: così Ducati giocò d’anticipo e vinse.
  • Aversa, P. 2013. Aperol, come un marchio resuscita in tempo di crisi.
  • Aversa, P. 2011. I perchè di una crisi: Quando al mercato globale non basta più il “saper far bene”. Corriere di Bologna (p 1).
  • Aversa, P. 2009. Coinvolgi il Fornitore. Darai più valore a tutta la catena. Next (Il Resto del Carlino), Bologna.


REF Impact Case

  • Aversa, P. 2016. Performance in the Formula 1 industry – impact and tools within and beyond the racetrack. Cass Business School, Available working document.


Main “active” working papers

  • Marino A., Santoni, S., Aversa, P. The value of experience under change. A contingency view. Working paper.
    Status: Revise & Resubmit at Academy of Management Journal.
  • Aversa P., Cabantous L., Haefliger S. Big data and decision failure: how to build information systems for a practice perspective?
    Status: Second round Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Strategic Information Systems.
  • Aversa, P., Mesquita, L., Santoni, S., & Marino, A. Top management team variety
    and risk-reward tradeoffs in strategic decisions.
    Accepted for peer-reviewed conferences: CASS 2015. SMS Chile 2015, AOM 2015, DRUID 2015, PVMI-CAMI 2015.
    Status: Reject & Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal.
  • Aversa, P., Evenou M., Business model change as strategic response to digital piracy: evidence from the motion picture industry.
    Status: Revise & Resubmit at California Management Review.
  • Aversa, P., Guillotin, O. Firm Technological Responses to Regulatory Changes: A Longitudinal Study in The World Endurance Racing
  • Status: Revise & Resubmit at Research Policy.
  • Aversa P., Iubatti D., Lorenzoni G. The imbrication between machinery, space, time, and human agents: A sociomateriality exploration in motorsport manufacturing.
  • Status: Under Revision at Journal of Operations ManagementAversa, P., Haefliger, S. The corporate business model portfolio: How to manage business model Diversification?
    Status: Under revision at Harvard Business Review Italy
  • Aversa, P. & Haefliger, S. Business model portfolio diversification.
    Status: Under Revision at the International Journal of Management Reviews in 2017.
    Peer-reviewed conferences: SMS 2011; EURAM 2011; Harvard 2012; APROS 2015; OAP 2015.
  • Aversa P., Santoni, S, Marino A. Cattani G. Star Wars: conflict between star employees and star employees and star organizations.
    Accepted for peer-reviewed conference: SMS 2014.
    Status: to be submitted to Organization Studies in 2017.
  • Aversa P, Jenkins M. 2017. Interstitial Spaces as “Primordial Soup” of Cluster Genesis. The Case of the British Motor Clubs. Working Paper.

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