Master Lectures

I have delivered lectures and workshops to master students, MBAs, manager and executives around the world. The topics usually cover strategy-related topics such as competitive dynamics in turbulent environments, innovation, business models, digital transformation, internationalization, and collaborative networks. My lectures and workshops can be tailored to specific requests and are usually very interactive, and aim to help acquire frameworks and tools that can highly applicable in everyday business life.

Among other lectures, two of the most popular ones are:

Leading in turbulent environments:
Lessons from Formula 1
(Master Lecture)


Leading in increasingly competitive and turbulent market has become a very challenging task even for the biggest, oldest and most prepared organizations. Competitive advantage is short-lived and disruptive innovations like digital transformation, blockchain, big data, Industry 4.0 technologies, and business model innovation can quickly overhaul competitive markets. In such turbulent competition, it is not rare to see giants fall, and emerging organizations quickly achieve dominant positions in the market.

Highly dynamic settings provide a great example to observe and understand such forces, and prepare to face major changes. This seminar uses research-informed insights from the iconic world of Formula 1 as examples to unveil and understand timely competitive dynamics in other industries, while providing tools and framework that better fit today’s business challenges. Formula 1 offers an ideal setting where performance is unmistakably measurable, and every little change can determine success and failure. It forces executive to focus their actions, be analytical, and performance-driven.

See a TEDx on this topic at this link.


Leading business model innovation

(in collaboration with Cass Business School Research Center on Business model and Technology).

Iconic companies including AirBnB, Amazon, Apple, Google, PayPal, Netflix and Tesla have pioneered innovative business models that are disrupting their relative markets. The aim of this programme is to guide executives through a strategic analysis of their current business model in order to identify a focused selection of high potential opportunities,  which could boost their organisation’s performance. Participants will engage with concepts and tools related to business model design, innovation, differentiation, and diversification. Topics will also include digital business models, business model platforms, and disruptive business model. By the end of the programme, each participant will have identified a focused selection of high-potential opportunities to apply business model innovation to their company.

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